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Ben Newman
James Keo
Mathew Lindfield
Saphire Addams
Shane Le Mar
Jay George
Sam Foster
Balazs Szabo
Laurence Roper


Music Excerpts from copyright free sources including:
Peritune Sakuya2. Metek&ZreenToyz

Featuring Professor Elemental and The Sweetchumks Bands
performing "The Cat's Pyjamas"

Jung Minds-Sandy Instrumental

I enjoy the process of translating ideas and concepts into visual design. As a freelance I can work remotely for clients based anywhere. However,  I am a creative individual who is confident working within a team and am open for collaboration.

I am hard working and flexible and meet deadlines and have efficient approaches to set tasks and complete them. I am both a positive and  communicative person which allows me to form friendships and connections easily.

Ben Newman

I am interested in storyboarding, character, background and props concept design for TV, film, animation and games, my main interest is in the Science Fiction genre.

James Keo

My specialism is creating motion-graphics and infographic animation, delivering complex information in a harmonious and aesthetically balanced way.

Being able to create characters and bring them to life by giving them emotions and the illusion of life is what inspired me into becoming an Animator. Animation has always been a huge part of my life, while growing up, it was a way that my mind could escape into world which anything was possible. I always loved how animation brings life to characters, being able to make them feel relatable and real. 

I am an Artist and Animator studying in my final year towards a BA degree in animation, and looking in to future prospects. I am a habitual doodler and find my greatest interest in character art and the human figure. I have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of drawing, animation, and human anatomy, and enjoy time spent furthering those skills and being able to put them in to practice. I primarily work with digital media and enjoy learning new software and seeing how I can implement it in to my process.

Mathew Lindfield

I am a 3D Animator and VFX artist. Animation is an area I am passionate about, in particular 3D animation. Although I have not had experience animating for a company in a studio, I have completed projects for university to a good standard and some projects for friends and family. Through these experiences, I have gained knowledge and skills in performing to a brief from a client, time keeping, working to deadlines and taking on board constructive criticism.

Sam Foster

My creations mainly focus on sound as I feel that the relationship between sound and animation is often overlooked. This subject has allowed me to create a variety of animations that vary from hand drawn cartoons, to expressive abstract animation.  To me, sound is very versatile which helps me to approach animation in different ways. As a result, I have become more specialised in multiple mediums such as; Pencil, Photoshop and After Effects.

As an animator, painter and designer I have created a vast amount of work that each have their own unique purpose and that communicate my values and aesthetic approach. I have experimented with a variety of mediums including gouache, collage, charcoal, digital media such as Animate CC, Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere Pro. Over the last three years I have been studying on the BA Animation Art & Practice and have been expanding upon my portfolio. The hallmark of my work is innovative freehand colourful creations that are transferred into digital medium. I strive for high quality pieces of work and am self-critical in the standards that I aspire towards. 

To setup my own company I have created an identity that is completely separate to my Freelance identity despite the fact it is still just me doing both. The reason I did this is because a huge majority of the work I do is for a fan-culture called Steampunk. I’ve been a big fan of all the Artists involved in this genre for a great many years now and as of about 3 years ago at a convention I got talking to a few of them and now a few years later I’ve created a handful of music videos, promotional pieces and other fun things for them all. As a result of that Paul Alborough (the man that plays the character that pioneered ‘Chap-Hop’ Professor Elemental) who I’ve done the most work for suggested that I create a business completely tailored to the Steampunk work as this is something nobody else is doing. I have been marketing  myself in this very specific culture for a while, with social media, business cards and many other things. I’ve at made initial contact with some of the artists, musicians and creators that exist in this genre but there are still a few that I have not, so speak to them all eventually.

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