Due to Covid19 many of our students were unable to continue with their practice as they use equipment at the centre such as kilns, hearths and presses to create their work. Because of this we are welcoming them back next year to complete their studies.


In the meantime please take a look at the work of Sarah-Ann Warrington who was able to complete this year, along with work in progress from this year’s students and a selection of work from last year's students.

Students' Work
In Progress

Selection of work in progress from some of the students that are returning next year to complete their studies.

Images of students work in order of appearance:

Julie Willard

Laura Van Dijk

Lisa Hassan

Jack Forbes

Katy Bryant

Tara Culley

Gill O'Hara

Kay Ford

Emma Law

Hi, I'm Sarah and I am a prop maker/artist who creates puppets and models for the use in stop motion films. In this project at university, I was looking into productivity and creativity as a Maker. I wanted to visualise this and found that one of my interests was subtle storytelling. I wanted to tell the story of a maker/creator within the creative industry and use the circus as a symbol for this.


This is also a continuation from my extended essay which explored ‘The Uncanny’ By Sigmund Freud. I used aspects of this concept to influence the aesthetic of the puppets but also the story. In the making of this, I created these intricate sculpted faces and textile based bodies which can be articulated for stop motion. Each of these puppets have their story to tell and it’s up to the viewer to read the poems to figure it out.

Previous' Graduated
Students Work

A small selection of work from past graduating students from the Designer Maker course.

Images of students work in order of appearance:

Estelle Thomas

Fern Beal

Joanne Terry

Mary Kahn

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