Unfortunately, the ‘Deaf and Dumb’ stigma still exists to this day. A lack of awareness about hearing loss and tinnitus means that navigating society is still a challenge for the hearing impaired.

Typology zine: Being profoundly/severely deaf myself, I wanted to express my difficulties and frustrations personally in an abstract and artistic way, breaking conventional design rules and visually expressing my experiences with tinnitus and hearing loss.​

Campaign posters: I want to highlight how widespread hearing loss and tinnitus is across the uk, but because it is seemingly ‘invisble’, we are not aware of it too often in our day to day life. These statistical messages provide insight into the history of ‘Deaf and Dumb’ and help to educate fully-hearing individuals on the invisble disability, whilst retaining the abstract aesthetics of the personal zine. ​

Deaf Awareness fact sheet: Some further information on hearing loss and how you may be able to help in communication with someone who is d/Deaf.

Krisztian Haluska


Neon Bliss Clothing

In my final project I created a fictional brand called neon bliss, which is based on my interest in Japanese culture and fashion, as well as a sub genre called vaporwave, wich is heavily influenced by Japanese elements. The goal was to create designs and a brand that bring back memories of the 90’s and early 2000’s in terms of technology, advertising, and visuals. Creating satire of cultural capitalism. The optimisim and carefree attitude represents this style as well as pastel colours.


I used effects that mimic the flaws and charm of old technology, such as VHS tapes and old CRT monitors and retro consoles. The main brand consists or four sub brands, each incorporating slightly different visuals, while maintainting the same style.


This project includes advertising, promotional camapaigns, and possibilities for retail and packaging.

Alchemy of Artefacts | Museum of the Mind

With time and space forgotten, with everything here and everything now, how might you interpret and reimagine what you see around you?

The English “museum” comes originally from the Ancient Greek Μουσεῖον (Mouseion); a place or temple dedicated to the divine Muses in Greek mythology, and hence a building set apart for study and creativity.

The purpose of modern museums is to preserve and display objects of artistic, cultural, or scientific significance, but from a visitor perspective, the purpose can also depend on one’s point of view. Alchemy of Artefacts: Museum of the Mind is a (fictional) internationally touring exhibition of original artworks intended to inspire a new generation of visitors. 


Themes of mythology, ancient civilisations, natural forces, astrology and religion transcend space and time as they collide in a single enchanting realm of endless possibility. As part of the Museum of the Mind initiative, visitors would expect to find the British Museum’s traditional collections to appear out of order and informational signs removed, encouraging them to uninhibitedly interpret the artefacts in your own way.

s[ii]snow - ‘Rethinking magazine’


s[ii]snow is a  unconventional print magazine which I want to reinvent the format and concept. The evolution of the business market force the companies to make the printing as a market value and productive value.The tangibility and aestheticism has put forward more than ever to catch the consumers.

The subject of the magazine concerns a combination of cultural and sport, which are talking about the world of snowboarding and the world of Surfing. I would like to put together these two disciplines in a environmental context; the protection of the planet being my major interest. 

This magazine will be divided in two parts, like a seasonal magazine. The Snow part will be released during the winter and the surf part in summer. It will design  as a pouch, that contains inside others print object like 3 posts cards, stickers and a poster. I would like that the customers offer it as a gift and piece of art which you could play with and will be display into our house.

My work is a combination of digital and analogue techniques. Specifically exploring social justice and the current climate. With influences from Cher to Little Women, I dreamed of a friendly and welcoming environment for all who search for gender equality.


For a few years now I have been fascinated by the way gender is portrayed in mass media and how this affects the subconscious mind. I wrote my dissertation on the Female Gaze and found myself having great conversations with my peers, those who did and didn’t want to acknowledge something staring us right in the face. This spurred me on to create my final project, Four Waves; a quarterly subscription service with each package focusing on the next wave of feminism to take us on a trip back in time. 


For the first issue, we are focusing in on a prime example of the fourth wave and how social media has an abundance of power. Gina Martin, the influencer who made upskirting a criminal offence following a 20-month-long social media campaign. With each new package bringing a range of discounts, tickets, informative videos and knowledge to share subscriber will be ravenous for the next issue.

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