Transience is a collection of filmstrip images created completely in-camera and shot on 120 film. The project is inspired by memory and its fallibility, the environment and concepts of life and death. Through the metaphorical language of allegory and the vanitas these aspects are brought together as a reminder of the brevity of life and to encourage one to live in the moment. Transience draws on the Japanese philosophies of wabi-sabi and Zen Buddhism as well as the art of Zen painters for example, Sesshu Toyo.


The creation process allows elements of chance which result in irregular flower arrangements, the ephemeral flowers at the height of their beauty are used to represent that life is fleeting. The simple suggestive images provide tranquility and create a meditation through repetition.


The aim of the work is to be a reminder of the transience of life, encouraging the viewer to confront and accept mortality, the fragility of life and memory. This is to be embraced and celebrated, to encourage one to make the most of life and appreciate being in the moment.

Seeking Enchantment


Seeking Enchantment In 2012, the latest edition of the Oxford Junior Dictionary saw the loss of approximately fifty words to do with nature, like bluebell, acorn, heron and pasture, replaced with words relating to technology, like blog and chatroom. The clearest evidence of how we are being pushed towards a more digital world over a natural one. A consequence of the rising use of social media and digital technologies.


This project reflects on the changing relationship to our immediate natural environment brought about by the immersive alienation of new technologies. The shift in language and social media creates a world that exists within the screens of our devices with the result that nature is left to take on a near-lost magic and strangeness in our current society.


My photographs explore the enchanting elements that still exist within our peripheral landscapes, seeing them as unfamiliar and magical places yet to be discovered. Travelling along the various pathways meeting enormous tree trunks full of texture and the twists and turns of thin branches as they intertwine with each other, listening to the sounds of the tall trees whistle in the wind and the shadows that cut across the sunlit ground made it an otherworldly experience. The woodlands in my photographs may be slightly overgrown and neglected, but there are also many untold stories within the gaps of the trees as well as extraordinary open areas of natural beauty, taking you to a place of never ending possibilities and ever changing paths that lead to new undiscovered destinations.

Music and photography are individual escapes for me. I decided to join the forces and create what some may call the ultimate escape. The photographs you see are based on lyrics and words of songs; songs that mean something personal to me in different ways. 


Taking photos and listening to music are a gateway to go somewhere else, to have an escape from my own thoughts and feelings, it shifts my focus. Maybe you’ll guess what song will go with the photograph, I know everyone will put their own twist on what lyric the photo was inspired from. These photographs are my happiness something created from the things I love. 

Responses to Music Tracks in order of appearance:

New Americana, Halsey
Battle Born, Five Finger Death Punch
Gold, Spandau Ballet
Kraazy, Likybo
Ghost Town, The Specials
Queen, Jessie J

My work over the last two years have been looking at reflections, textures and things that we don’t naturally look at when we take walks such as the pealing paint of street signs or rust on bicycles. The project through the window is linked to the project I have been doing over the last two years and is another piece of the puzzle as they say, you see we look through windows every day,


Whether that be to reflect on something your thinking about or to simply admire the views.  Some of these images were created while the United Kingdom was in lockdown, it made me realise that I didn’t have to leave my house to be able to capture fantastic images, instead I can do it from the comfort of my own home. Lockdown in the United Kingdom has taught me to not take things for granted as you never know if those things will be there in years to come because this world is constantly changing.

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